Theoretical Physics and the Study of the Human Heart and the Circulation

Roberto V. Anastacio, MD, FPCP, FPCC
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As observed for more than ten years, in 1,500 live human heart who underwent cardiac catheterization with 50 simultaneously undergoing Computerized Tomography of the heart and the vascular system with dye of the studied population and the 50 fetal heart investigations by 2 dimensional Doppler during the last trimester of pregnancy following protocol.

Figure 01

In this figure, one observes that the heart myocardial statistical quantum matrix spin operator is in continuous elemental excitation creating a continuous centripetal acceleration (gravitational acceleration) observed as a conical pendular motion.

The heart myocardium is a rigid body wherein the total energy E is the of all elemental particle molecules including radiation instantly transformed into the sum of all forces that acts on the perfect quantum fluid (blood) momentum at any point are 0. Such distribution of E function maybe applicable to all forms of natural matter (solid, liquid, gas) and not simply to a quantum Fermi as applied in our model, a live human heart.

The spiral logarithmic motion in the golden proportion definitely shows macroscopically the presence of a gravitational force giving rise to acceleration towards a set direction and magnitude observe only in a natural isolated system and must be in perfect vacuum.

The heart is a system that is a natural isolated biologic structure and in a quantum state (absolute 0). During open heart surgery, I observed that the heart motion as enveloped by the pericardia! fluid (a special fluid) and the pericardium isolates the system from forces and electro chemical energy relative in space and time.

Figure 02

The heart remains to be rigid in constant conical pendular motion and as a whole, all cells and fluid are in continuous acceleration and angular momentum integral of the quantum fluid passing thru the heart.

The conduction system of the heart is unique being continuously supplied of quantum fluid at all times

I observed the heart as a quantum rigid body accelerator with the property of an electromagnetic radiation field with a gravitational force within the rigid body heart chamber. This is possible only in a human natural isolated system and in vacuum and annihilating a perfect quantum fluid maintain life and explained the instant propagation of interaction and flow of fluid continuously in life harmony and singularity.

Figure 03

The quantum fluid (blood) as observed flows in spiral logarithmic motion with an elliptical form as seen in figure 3, 4 and 5 without friction to the heart with an electromagnetic radiation field together without any resistance and is in superconductivity, within the isolated system (E o) and in a vacuum. In this biological natural model quantum adiabatic thermodynamics remains to be in constant proportionality with the static electrodynamic state in vacuum.

Figure 04
Figure 05
Figure 06

The heart is a quantum concrete rigid body with abstract events allowing at an instant the flow of an almost perfect quantum fluid that is frictionless or without resistance that allows natural nuclear reaction while in continuous motion -- emitted; binded and absorbed flowing continuously in spiral logarithmic motion maintaining the golden proportion in a single beat and in a relativistic state whose speed is that of light about 6 seconds from the vena cava passing thru all the system and back to the vena cava.

The whole human body which is theorize as a perfect quantum fluid all passes a rigid body of space -- the heart wherein I observed the heart as a rigid body in orbital pendular motion without resistance to the continuous harmonic quantum fluid (blood) in spiral logarithmic motion with an elliptical form with the r (radius) of the curve that grows as it moves and generates a torus completing one elliptical revolution about an axis at a distance R from the center of the ellipse. As observed in figure 1, 4, 5, 10, 11 and 12.

Figure 07

As stated the heart and the blood passing through the heart as a rigid body and the great circulatory system intertwined by the very extensive and immeasurable capillary network that is in direct contact with all the external forces is in isolated system balanced by a Coriolis force in a rotating reference that acts perpendicular to the velocity of a whole human body and the axis of rotation, fictitious in nature maintaining the equilibrium and a silent indeterminate force -- The vacuum within the isolated system.

The instantaneous spiral logarithmic motion of the quantum fluid as observed can be an objective macroscopic proof of the forces equals mass and acceleration always in contact proportionality.

All forces and the gravitational force included is proportional to the mass constant and acceleration and inversely proportional to the distance between the right side and the left of the heart wherein the left side including the constant quantum fluid inside is larger than the other separated by a septum where the main conduction system is present.

Figure 08

Computerized Tomography scan view of the constantly filled chambers of the heart. Cut view shows Left Ventricle and Right Ventricle separated with the septum. Lighter portion at Frame B shows the right ventricle which continuous to Pulmonary artery thru the pulmonary valve here shown cut out by the slice Shaded portion shows the left atrium continuing to the left ventricle thru an open Mitral Valve and into the aorta showing a close Aortic Valve in between.

The conical pendular motion of the heart as a rigid body in continuous torque is perhaps due to the shift of the gravitational force towards the septum as the rigid body of quantum fluid moves in kinetic thermodynamic equilibrium into the great vessels maintaining its golden proportion as correlated with the clinical heart sounds (the first and second sound) and the apical lift or impulse one sees or felt in our physical examination to the heart. In correlation with figure 7 and 8, I am able to show that mass is constant in proportion with acceleration, velocity and momentum at any one time following the golden proportionality constant of time being cut by the gravitational force possibly acting on the septum that results into a conical pendular motion in an elliptical form observed possibly only in a human isolated system and in perfect vacuum.

The conduction system of a human being is peculiar that all are connected with the vascular system always and continuously being supplied with a perfect quantum fluid (blood) made up of matter not including chemical food or liquid of today.

In focus with the heart the conduction system is integrated with the entire myocardium and the purkinje muscle junction thru a quantum vectorial gate, dimensionless and in a relativistic state, as seen in the sub cellular level. All the forces generated together with all chemical reaction are instantaneously propagated continuously without any gap perhaps due to the non-resistance of the gravitational force, conduction and all human fluid in a quantum kineto thermodynamic state. This observation of a living heart model in motion perhaps will give us a kinetic abstract translational gate towards the understanding of the rigid body -- The heart and the extensive vascular system connecting the heart with the rest of the human system (singularity).

Figure 09

The Circle of Willis. This actual live figure of the Circle of Willis thru computerized axial tomography with the dye showed semblance of the heart as a rigid body of space cutting the entire human system into a golden proportion.

From the embryological heart tube stage the heart seems to be a generating power house in motion and in unity with the quantum fluid acceleration, velocity and angular momentum in singular direction and magnitude thru a dimensionless vectorial pathway isolated and in vacuum without any resistance.

Following Planck theory in Quantum Mechanics the generating power house could be imagined as an equation where E stands for energy resulting from an event involving an instant quantum interaction of a natural adiabatic thermodynamic state that is in constant proportionality with constant pressure and volume multiply by an exponential imagination ( i ) in inertial momentum in all plane of inertial forces that all events are equivalent to 0. Zero giving an insight or a view of which leads me into the vectorial pathway of Einstein Theory of Relativity and observed with concrete evidence in adult human living heart.

The heart is a quantum natural self-isolated system and in vacuum that is completely filled up in space wherein at least four basic interactions [gravitational, weak (elemental particle), electromagnetic, nuclear] as all the known forces with the possibility of a fifth interactive force called the vacuum force. An indefinite force that is perhaps important in the formation of the instant transformation and acceleration of the quantum fluid.

Figure 10
Figure 11
Figure 12

The Heart as a rigid body in a conical pendular motion

Figure 13
Figure 14

The Gravitational Field in a Rigid Body- The Heart Integral of the Blood as a Perfect Quantum Fluid -- Spiral logarithmic motion as observed in this rigid body showed in strength the gravitational force creating an elliptical form of fluid motion. The gravitational field inside the rigid body must be significantly strong. The golden proportion (phi) is observed microscopically in motion whose radius is constantly proportional with the size of elliptical logarithmic motion whose acceleration, velocity and coordinate momentum seems to be in mathematical harmony following a simple Pythagorean geometrical constant in motion apparently equating the heart as zero point energy. Even if we inject a non-ionic dye to the right and left ventricle simultaneously or separately we constantly observed the spiral logarithmic motion in an elliptical complete form. I can theorize that the gravitational force (centripetal force) is present accelerating the quantum fluid inside this isolated heart in vacuum without resistance.

Relatively in a rigid body- The heart and the quantum fluid as in figure (13 and 14) is in continuous quantum acceleration even at rest as long as the quantum electrodynamic state of both body is in constant proportionality with the quantum thermodynamic state maintaining the conservation of energy and matter naturally isolated by its inherent property and in vacuum.


I have noted thru simultaneous recording of four chambers and the great vessels is simply ends up in zero equals zero ( 0 = 0 ). The rigid body that is in continuous torque is observed to be without resistance and the quantum fluid spiral logarithmic flow into the rigid body - The heart showed to be closely dense without friction following the golden proportion all throughout the circulation without resistance from the rigid body - The heart, the quantum rigid body of fluid and the vessels showing no resistance and a super gravitational force. As in figure (4, 5, 13, 14 and 15).

As observed in these figures the non-resistance quantum fluid is continuously accelerating in a spiral logarithmic motion seen as an ellipse simulating a double helix as the result of a gravitational force without resistance only to be possibly seen in a natural quantum accelerator - The heart, isolated and in perfect vacuum maintaining a constant adiabatic thermodynamic state proportional to a constant pressure and mass.

The Human Heart Accelerator as a Rigid Body in a Conical Pendular Motion -- The heart as a rigid muscle is anatomically and physiologically connected with a unique conduction system. This system is continuously connected together thru a gating mechanism.

An anatomic dimensionless structure that follows the theory of relativity. The energy that is in continuous propagation at an instant because of its quantum element that is proportion with the mass (solid, liquid and gas) through a translational gate that is dimensionless with a quantity of a vector and in perfect vacuum within a natural isolated system.

E = MC2

The instantaneous transformation and propagation of all elements are made possible in a human heart because of the unity of a gravitational force with the constant energy and mass thru the translational gate made possible in this dark rigid body whose function is an accelerator isolated from external forces and in vacuum. The steady flow of blood that enters and exits this rigid body accelerator is seen as a frictionless body of quantum fluid whose density matrix is observed to be closed together without any displacement accelerating and without encountering any resistance from the natural accelerator and the blood vessels that is constantly full following the conservation law of energy and mass. This is only possible in an isolated system ans in vacuum with a strong gravitational field.

The speed of instantaneous propagation of interaction of the quantum fluid follows the speed of light as the only measurable constant that we are able to compare with the human circulation time utilizing indocyanine green dye which is about six seconds. In addition, if we are to observe the appearance of the dye simultaneously being injected in the superior and the inferior vena cava will take about 6 seconds more or less to appear in the left atrium, left ventricle and the aorta. Once more if we are to repeat the same procedure from the left main coronary artery or the right coronary artery back into the right atrium it will likewise take about 6 seconds more or less. Such observation of time is consistent with Einstein constant of time following the speed of light giving us a physical insight of the equation of the speed of light with energy and mass in a natural isolated system and in perfect vacuum.

The Einstein relativistic equation is observed in this model as I am able to theorize the unification of gravitational force with E = MC2 only to be observed in a human heart naturally isolated and should be in vacuum.

The unified equation can then be:

The symbol O zero signifies the unified theory of E = MC2 with the gravitational force within an isolated system that is in perfect vacuum as seen in a normal human heart.

The symbol = signifies a dimensionless translational vectorial gate in constant gravitational acceleration only observed in a human heart model naturally isolated and in perfect vacuum.

The Rigid Body - The Heart as a Quantum Accelerator -- The unification of the gravitational force and E = MC2 inside the rigid body -- The heart as the quantum accelerator -- always following a very simple golden proportionality constant of a strong gravitational force without any resistance. This biological quantum accelerator is unique and not specific to just a single particle but to all basic interaction to create annihilation of a continuously moving charged quantum fluid (blood) that are in agreement.

The entire human system is constantly being bombarded by nuclear, elemental particles, gravitational electromagnetic forces and radioactive rays emitted, some in bounded forms and others in free state as a wave to enter the human being in steady flow. Let us look briefly into a very basic equation and the Planck constant.

The human eyes together with the ear and nasal air waves becomes a good model for a natural slit experiment especially photon that probably attracts a photon -- photon interaction with all the elemental and electromagnetic radiation and gravitational forces to the optic pathway and bombard the rigid body -- The heart (quantum accelerator) in a constant proportionality in relationship with ending into an instantaneous propagation of interaction in a natural adiabatic quantum state at the speed of light.

This particular theory perhaps will make us observe other type of quantum fluid besides the blood as the most perfect quantum fluid, viscous and non-viscous -- the cerebrospinal fluid, aqueous and vitreous humor, tears and sweat fluid, amniotic fluid and all the mucoid fluid only possible in a human isolated system that is in perfect vacuum.

Above quantum events can or possibly be the fundamental foundation and physiology of a single heartbeat.