Roberto V. Anastacio, MD, FPCP, FPCC
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The quantum instantaneous infinitesimal vectorial blood flow into the heart and the circulatory system is to be observed as a gate to better understand the new physiology of a single heartbeat. The instantaneous infinitesimal blood flow must and should be constantly related proportionally to a continuous, infinitesimal electromagnetic radiation field that is in continuous motion simultaneously without any resistance. (Super or no resistance quantum pressure – flow motion).

The CARDIA OUTPUT according to Guyton (Circulatory Physiology 1965) is pressure differential within the entire circulatory system that is based on an open chest experiment in dogs plus simultaneous mechanical component in relation to a pump mechanism. The mechanical event is based on a rigid tube being created by an intermittent mechanical pressure – volume relationship resulting in the family of right atrial and ventricular cardiac output curves. The change in the computation of the resultant cardiac output supposed to be related with time and resistance. The equation of pressure volume in relation to velocity of blood flow becomes a question of correctness and sensitivity of the very basic fundamental physiology of the cardiac output and the circulation, the HEART being concluded as the sole controller of the cardia output as a pump and different factors in the periphery, such as a storage capacity of the vascular system, amount of blood volume and resistance in the vessels, would have little to do with the regulation of cardiac output circulation.

To investigate the question of the model (open chest dog combined with the mechanical devise. We utilized 1603 live human patients that underwent simultaneous four chamber cardiac catheterization with coronary arteriogram as of to date and 787 open heart patient.

Simultaneous CT angiogram (LIGHT SPEED DETECTOR) with digital subtraction angiography and four chamber catheterization in 100 human patients likewise were studied to determine volume and velocity (LIGHT SPEED) of blood flow, pressure volume mass in relation with the electromagnetic radiation particle wave form field as a singular event of the quantum blood and the heart.


Figure 01

The Simultaneous Study of the Right Atrium with the Superior and Inferior Vena Cava, Coronary Sinus.

The study showed clearly without question the simultaneous inflow of the blood matter (mass + water) into a filled right atrial chamber at any one time. I was able to observe with clarity the simultaneous inflow of blood into the right atrial chamber with blood in motion. The flow and velocity of the blood does not show any TURBULANCE or visible RESISTANCE.

THE BLOOD MOTION is ellipsoid and non-linear, is invariant, is continuous infinitely and does not show any vectorial deformation or displacement wither the tricuspid valve is close or open (in relativistic state).

The volume (MASS x PRESURE x ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION) motion in the heart chamber and specified blood vessel are constantly filled simultaneously without any deformation and ellipsoid in form, instantaneously continuous (in relativistic state).

The flow that is continuous and infinite do have a pressure that is proportionally constant with velocity in time (Fig 1: A & B)

If CARDIA OUTPUT is a sole function of the right atrial pressure as assumed by Guyton, I would show that cardiac output is not based on a mechanical theory or model but based on above data or result on a live human heart study.

CARDIAC OUTPUT if based on pressure will result into an equation that is none mechanical and not a sole property of the heart as a pump but dependent speed on the blood flow as the source of the continuity of blood flow into the entire system balance and equilibrium in distribution.

F is always in proportionality constant with the instant propagation of all interactive forces that is in singularity together with the electromagnetic gravitational radiation fluid field ( E ) without any resistance and invariant giving us an INSIGHT OF THE ATTRACTIVE FORCE (GRAVITATION) CLOSELY LINKED WITH PHOTON ACCELERATION that plays a very important ingredient always with all other elemental particles.


Figure 02

To determine pressure – flow motion in a quantum state (ground zero) is to understand and to redirect our concept that the blood is the primary controller of the circulation with the heart and the blood vessel as the system of balance and the static equilibrium not as a pump but as an accelerator in the creation of a balance or static electromagnetic radiation quantum fluid distribution.

Figure 03

The preload and afterload of the circulation based on our finding of the speed of blood flow is a singular function of the circulation of the circulatory system and the heart as a result of each quantum state without any resistance and relativistic state in nature.